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Wooden Letters - Numbers

Pine Wooden Letters and Numbers

Pine Lumber is light yellow in color. Pine wood accepts all finishes well. Pine wood can be used for interior, or exterior purposes.  We recommend pine wood for outdoor use if you are going to the paint wooden letters or numbers.  Works well as painted house numbers  Can be used inside for any purpose.

Cedar Wooden Letters and Numbers

Cedar Lumber is yellowish brown in color. Cedar wood is best if used outdoors.  We recommend cedar wooden letters or numbers, if being used outdoors, that you stain them with a good exterior stain. This will prevent the cedar wood from turning gray. Cedar lumber is a natural product and can vary in color shade. Cedar has a coarse texture, if are going to paint the wooden letters and numbers, we recommend using pine letters. Works well as stained house numbers.

Baltic Birch Wooden Letters and Numbers

Baltic Birch, is a popular panel best known for its light color, strength, multi-ply construction. It is a very dense plywood.  We recommend for inside use.  It takes stain very well.  Baltic birch wooden letters and numbers are great for attaching to another inside wooden surfaces.  It takes paint well, but the edges tend to soak up the paint.

MDF Wooden Letters and Numbers

MDF is a light brown engineered wood. IT IS FOR INTERIOR USE ONLY. It is takes paint very well, and is great for the children's room.  It is easy to paint. It is great for wedding table numbers as well.

MDO Letters and Numbers

Medium density overlay (MDO) is an exterior-type plywood. It is overlaid (heat-fused) with a smooth sheet of resin on one or both surfaces. These surfaces can be painted and function as a water-resistant coating.
MDO is a hign end material that is used in professial sign making.